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as a matter of fact actually; in fact (often used when the information that follows will be surprising to the listener or a rejection of what was said previously.)
as a whole when regarded in entirety.
as far as to the extent that.
as good as essentially equal to; practically the same as.
as if how it would be if.
as long as on the condition that; provided that. [3 definitions]
as of beginning on; from.
as regards in reference to; in relation to.
as soon as no later than the time that, or immediately after the moment that.
as soon as possible within the shortest amount of time possible.
as such in itself.
as the crow flies in the straightest route.
as though as if.
as to with regard to; concerning. [2 definitions]
as usual in the usual way; as always.
as well in addition; also; too.
as well as and also; and moreover. [2 definitions]
as yet up until now; up to this point.
blind as a bat barely able to see.
cool as a cucumber showing no trace of anxiety or vulnerability.