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all at once suddenly. [2 definitions]
at all to even the slightest degree or extent; in the least (used in negative statements and questions only).
at all costs regardless of the effort or sacrifice necessary.
at an angle slanted up or down; crooked.
at any rate in any case; at all events. [2 definitions]
at arm's length at a distance; emotionally or physically detached.
at cross purposes so as to misunderstand or act in a way that frustrates each other's purposes.
at ease in the military, a standing position in which soldiers may relax but not leave formation or talk. [2 definitions]
at every turn in every case or instance.
at fault responsible for mistakes or errors.
at first in the beginning, or on the first occasion.
at first blush when first observed; at first glance.
at full blast (informal) at maximum speed or capacity.
at full tilt at maximum speed.
at gunpoint under the threat of being shot.
at issue in dispute; being discussed.
at last after a long time or wait; finally.
at least at the lowest amount; not less than. [2 definitions]
at leisure having free or spare time; not working or otherwise occupied.
at length for a long time; in great detail. [2 definitions]