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carry away to cause an extreme reaction; transport; enrapture.
clear away to get away; escape.
die away of a sound, to reduce in volume gradually.
do away with to abolish, discard, or discontinue. [2 definitions]
explain away to minimize or negate the importance of by explaining.
fool away to waste or squander.
get away to escape and become free. [3 definitions]
get away with to avoid being caught or punished for doing something wrong.
get away with murder (informal) to avoid punishment for wrongdoing, or avoid detection of such, even if the wrongdoing is serious (generally used metaphorically rather than literally).
get carried away to become excited, agitated, or enthusiastic to the point that one goes too far in one's speech or actions, losing the ability to see logically what is real, practical, or sufficient.
give away to surrender possession of (something) or give as a gift. [4 definitions]
pass away (polite) to die.
put away to return (something) to the place where it usually stays or where it can't be seen. [4 definitions]
right away at once; immediately.
run away to secretly leave a place where one is staying because of feeling unhappy or unsafe (usu. fol. by "from"). [3 definitions]
spirit away to remove secretly or mysteriously.
square away to put in order; arrange properly.
stow away to be a concealed passenger, as on a ship or airplane.
straight away at this very moment; immediately.
take away to remove (something) from a person, animal, or place. [3 definitions]