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back and forth moving backward then forward, or forward then backward, often repeatedly. [2 definitions]
back burner a state of temporary low priority (usu. prec. by "on the").
back formation in linguistics, a word that appears to be the base of, but was actually formed from, another word, as "trivia" from "trivial".
back number any previous issue of a periodical.
back order part of an order that will be filled at a later date.
back out of to withdraw from prematurely. [2 definitions]
back road a country road, sometimes unpaved, that is away from the main highways.
back seat a seat behind other seats or in the back, esp. of a vehicle.
back talk insolent replies or retorts; impudence.
back up to create and store a copy of (a computer file), often in a separate location, in case the original is damaged or lost.
back-order to submit an order for (something) to be filled at a later time, as when (it) is available.
back-pedal to press backward on the pedals of a bicycle or tricycle in order to brake. [3 definitions]
back-seat driver a passenger who gives unsolicited advice about driving to the driver.
back-step a step taken backwards. [2 definitions]
back-talk (informal) to answer in an insolent manner.
back-to-back following immediately after another; in consecutive order. [2 definitions]
behind one's back when one is not present; secretly.
bounce back to recover completely or quickly.
cornerback in football, one of two players on the outer edges of the defensive secondary who guard against end runs and cover wide receivers.
defensive back a player in American football, whose primary role is to deflect or intercept passes. [2 definitions]