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band saw a power saw consisting of an endless metal belt, with teeth along one edge, that runs between two pulleys.
band shell an outdoor bandstand consisting of a platform and a large, concave, almost hemispherical wall that serves as a sounding board.
Band-Aid trademark for a small strip of adhesive tape that holds a gauze pad for covering minor wounds. [3 definitions]
big band a large jazz or dance band, esp. one of the 1930s and 1940s in the U.S., that combines arranged ensemble playing with solo improvisations. [2 definitions]
brake band a lined, flexible, usu. steel band around a brake drum, which, when tightened, creates the friction of a braking action.
brass band a musical group or band composed mostly of brass instruments.
citizens band a series of short wave frequencies set aside by the federal government for private use; CB.
jug band a small musical group that includes unconventional or makeshift instruments such as kazoos, washboards, and empty jugs.
rubber band a narrow, elastic, circular or oval loop of natural or synthetic rubber, used to hold together separate objects, papers, or the like.
steel band a musical group, of a type originating in Trinidad, whose instruments are chiefly steel oil drums cut to varying heights.
string band a musical group consisting of violin, guitar, string bass, and the like, usu. performing folk or country music.
wave band a specific range of radio frequencies, such as those assigned for radio and television transmission.