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bass clef a sign on the fourth line of a musical staff, locating F below middle C; F clef.
bass drum a large double-headed cylindrical drum that produces a low, reverberating sound.
bass horn an obsolete brass wind instrument resembling the tuba. [2 definitions]
bass viol the largest and deepest-toned instrument of the violin family; double bass, contrabass. [2 definitions]
black bass any of several related North American freshwater game fishes.
double bass the largest and deepest-toned instrument of the violin family; bass viol; contrabass.
ground bass a repeated bass passage that provides a background for changing music in the upper registers.
largemouth bass a freshwater food and game fish found in warm, sluggish waters.
rock bass an edible, freshwater game fish of eastern North America, related to the sunfish.
sea bass any of numerous marine food fishes that have large scales, spiny fins, and wide mouths. [2 definitions]
striped bass a silvery North American food and game fish with blackish stripes on each side.
white bass a silvery, striped, edible North American freshwater fish, related to the striped bass.