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Alexander Graham Bell U.S. inventor of the telephone (b.1847--d.1922).
bell buoy a buoy having a warning bell that rings whenever the buoy is rocked by waves.
bell curve see bell-shaped curve.
bell jar a bell-shaped glass cover for a platform, used for displaying and protecting delicate objects. [2 definitions]
bell pepper a pepper plant that bears a mild-flavored edible fruit. [2 definitions]
bell tower a tower housing one or more bells.
bell-bottom of pants, wide and flaring at the ankles.
bell-bottoms pants that are wide and flaring at the ankles.
bell-shaped curve a graphic representation of a statistically normal frequency distribution, which resembles the outline of a bell; bell curve.
death bell a bell sounded to announce a death.
diving bell a large metal chamber used for underwater work and supplied with air under pressure equal to that of the surrounding water.
Liberty Bell the bronze bell of Philadelphia's Independence Hall, rung on July 8, 1776, to proclaim the independence of the United States.
ring a bell to cause a response, such as a particular recollection.