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bill and coo to kiss, cuddle, and whisper sweetly, as lovers.
bill of attainder a legislative act in which a person is found guilty, without trial, of a crime, esp. treason, and condemned to capital punishment.
bill of exchange a written order to pay a specified amount to a specified person, used mainly in conducting business abroad.
bill of fare a list of the dishes available; menu.
bill of goods a shipment of merchandise for sale.
bill of health a certificate given to a ship captain in one port, stating whether there is any infectious disease in the port or aboard the ship at the time of departure, to be shown on entering the next port.
bill of lading a list and receipt for goods given by a carrier who is transporting them.
bill of rights a formal list or summary of fundamental rights and liberties to which a people or class is entitled. [3 definitions]
bill of sale a written document that shows that something has been sold by one party to another.
clean bill of health (informal) an affirmation of satisfactory condition, qualification, or the like.
cranesbill see "geranium."
sell (someone) a bill of goods (informal) to trick or defraud.
show bill an advertising flyer or poster.
T-bill abbreviation of "Treasury bill."
true bill a bill of indictment approved by a grand jury as being supported by enough evidence to justify a trial.
twin bill in baseball, a doubleheader.