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blind alley an alley or passageway with one end closed off; cul-de-sac. [2 definitions]
blind as a bat barely able to see.
blind date a date arranged between two people who have been previously unacquainted. [2 definitions]
blind side the side opposite to the direction in which one is looking.
blind spot a small area in the eye, where the optic nerve enters the retina, that is insensitive to light. [4 definitions]
blind trust complete, unquestioning confidence in another person. [2 definitions]
color-blind partly or totally unable to distinguish a color or colors. [2 definitions]
double-blind of or designating a method of testing in which both the experimenter and the subjects are ignorant of which subjects are receiving the active treatment.
gravel-blind almost, but not completely, blind. (Cf. sand-blind, stone-blind.)
sand-blind somewhat blind; having weak eyesight. (See gravel-blind, stone-blind.)
snow-blind blinded, usu. temporarily, by bright sunlight reflected from snow.
stone-blind thoroughly and completely blind. (Cf. sand-blind, gravel-blind.)
Venetian blind (sometimes l.c.) a window blind consisting of thin horizontal slats that can be tilted to control the amount of air or light admitted, and raised or lowered as a unit with a cord.