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blow (someone) a kiss to kiss the palm of one's hand or the back of one's fingers and then blow over the palm toward (someone), symbolically giving that person a kiss.
blow off steam (informal) to release pent-up anger or frustration by saying or doing something.
blow one's top (informal) to lose emotional control; become angry.
blow out to stop the burning of (something) with the movement of air. [2 definitions]
blow over to subside; let up.
blow up to explode. [6 definitions]
blow-by the leakage of unburned gases or of air mixed with fuel into the crankcase of an automobile engine, or the gases so leaking. [2 definitions]
blow-by-blow in full and precise detail, as a description or report.
blow-dry to dry or arrange (the hair) with the aid of an electrical hand-held air blower. [2 definitions]
full-blown at peak bloom. [2 definitions]
low blow in boxing, a blow below the belt. [2 definitions]