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boat people refugees fleeing from a certain country or region in small, unseaworthy boats, esp. those who fled Indochina in the late 1970s.
boat train a passenger train whose route runs between a city or other terminus and a ship's port.
flying boat a large floating seaplane with a hull-shaped body.
gravy boat an elongated, boat-shaped dish, often with a pouring spout, that is used for serving gravy or sauce.
in the same boat in the same predicament or situation.
jolly boat a small boat usu. carried on the stern of a sailing vessel.
PT boat a small, swift, highly maneuverable torpedo boat, used esp. to patrol and torpedo enemy merchant ships.
rock the boat (slang) to disrupt a balance or routine.
torpedo boat a fast, maneuverable, lightly armored boat used to torpedo enemy ships.
U-boat a German submarine.