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boom box a portable stereo radio with built-in speakers, a carrying handle, and usu. a cassette or CD player, capable of producing loud sound.
box elder a North American maple tree with compound leaves and soft wood that is used in making furniture.
box lunch an individual light meal, prepared and put in a box to be eaten later, as during travel or at a picnic.
box office the ticket sales office of a theater, concert hall, stadium, or the like. [3 definitions]
box pleat a double pleat with edges folded toward each other.
box score a statistical summary in table form of each player's performance in a game, esp. baseball or basketball.
box seat a seat in a box, usu. offering a better view and some privacy, in a theater, concert hall, stadium, or the like.
box spring a cloth-covered bedspring having rows of individual but connected helical springs inside a boxlike frame.
box supper a social and fund-raising occasion at which the participants bid for donated box lunches.
box turtle any of several North American land turtles with a hinged shell that can completely enclose the body; box tortoise.
call box a box containing a telephone, posted on a street or highway, and used to make emergency calls. [2 definitions]
check-box a small empty square printed next to an item on a form, test, or list, to be filled in with a check or other mark to indicate choice or completion. [2 definitions]
dialog box a window generated by a computer program that appears on the screen to ask for information from the person using the computer.
jack-in-the-box a toy consisting of a box from which a puppet springs up when the lid is opened.
knicker box a children's game of the past in which players roll marbles into a box, the object being for the marbles to travel through arches in the center of the box without bouncing back.
miter box a boxlike structure used in carpentry, having slots to position a saw correctly in making angled cuts.
music box a box containing a mechanical device that plays music when the lid is lifted.
packing box a large box, crate, or the like in which goods or other items are packed for storage or transport.
Pandora's box a source of unexpected problems or ills.
penalty box an enclosure to the side of a hockey rink where penalized players must stay.