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bug bite (informal) the bite or sting of an insect or the resulting wound or swelling.
bug off (informal) to stop bothering someone and leave.
bug out (informal) to leave, quit, or flee; desert.
chinch bug a small black and white insect that is destructive to grains and grasses.
Croton bug a small cockroach.
gold bug any of several North American beetles having a shiny or gold luster. [2 definitions]
June bug any of several large brown or iridescent green beetles of the eastern United States which appear in late spring and early summer.
lightning bug a firefly.
lygus bug any of a variety of plant-sucking bugs that may transmit plant viruses.
pill bug any of various small land isopods that are able to curl their segmented bodies into a pill-like ball.
sow bug any of several small terrestrial, oval, segmented isopods, often found under logs or stones; wood louse.
stink bug any of a variety of insects that give off a disagreeable odor.