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burn (one's) candle at both ends to use up (one's) energy or youth too fast or on too many activities.
burn down to destroy or disintegrate by burning.
burn one's bridges to eliminate all possibilities of going back or of reconsidering something one has said or done.
burn out to stop functioning because of a technical mistake or lack of fuel. [2 definitions]
burn the midnight oil to stay awake very late for work or study.
burnt sienna see sienna.
burnt umber see umber.
first-degree burn the level of burn that produces pain, heat, and reddening of the skin but no blistering or charring.
flash burn damage to body tissue from extreme radiated heat, esp. from a nuclear explosion.
powder burn a skin burn caused by an explosion of gunpowder at close range.
slash-and-burn of or indicating a method of clearing land in which trees and vegetation are cut down and then burned.