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at someone's beck and call willing to fulfill or subject to another's commands or wishes.
bird call the cry or song of a bird. [3 definitions]
call a spade a spade to speak plainly or straightforwardly; speak the truth.
call box a box containing a telephone, posted on a street or highway, and used to make emergency calls. [2 definitions]
call for to stop by for; fetch. [3 definitions]
call girl a female prostitute who may be hired by telephone.
call it a day to end the day's work.
call it quits to stop an activity for the time being. [2 definitions]
call letters the identifying letters or numbers of a television or radio station.
call loan a loan that must be repaid on demand at any time.
call number a series of numbers or numbers and letters used to locate a book in a library.
call off to cancel (an appointment, action, event, or the like).
call-and-response of or pertaining to music that alternates between one player, singer, or section, and another in a pattern of statement and response.
call-in a telephone conversation between a listener or viewer and a radio or television host, which is broadcast on the host's show. [2 definitions]
call-up an order to a large number of people to report for active military duty.
calling card a small card with one's name and sometimes address and telephone number printed on it, used when making business and social visits.
close call (informal) a narrow escape from danger, failure, detection, or the like.
conference call a telephone conversation or discussion in which three or more people participate at the same time.
curtain call an invitation, communicated by an audience's appreciative applause, for performers to return to the stage after a performance has ended.
name-calling the use of disparaging or abusive names to attack a person or group.