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bathing cap a close-fitting cap of rubber, elastic, or the like, worn to keep the hair dry during swimming.
cap and bells a cap with bells on it, once worn by court jesters; fool's cap.
cap and gown a mortarboard and robe worn at certain academic ceremonies such as graduation.
cap in hand in a humble manner.
cap rock the solid rock layer that is immediately over a deposit of oil, gas, salt, or the like.
cap-a-pie from head to foot; completely.
dunce cap a cone-shaped cap worn in former times by school children as punishment for slowness or laziness.
feather in one's cap an accomplishment or achievement; something that does one credit.
fool's cap a cap traditionally worn by the fool in a royal court, usu. brightly colored and topped by several drooping peaks hung with bells. [2 definitions]
ice cap a large covering of glacial ice that spreads out in all directions from the center.
inky cap any of various mushrooms whose gills disintegrate into a dark inky liquid when they mature.
percussion cap a small metal cap containing gunpowder or other charge that explodes when struck.
set one's cap for to try to attract as a husband or wife.
stocking cap a long, knitted winter cap, usu. with a tassel or pompom at the end.
Turk's-cap lily any of various, usu. orange-flowered lilies having strongly recurved petals and sepals, resembling a rolled turban.