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cable car an enclosed passenger vehicle either on rails or suspended on a cable and pulled back and forth by a moving cable, esp. up and down a steep incline or across a chasm.
car coat an overcoat that reaches to the hip or thigh.
car park (chiefly British) a usu. paved area where motor vehicles can be parked; parking lot.
carpool an arrangement among a group of automobile drivers, such as employees at the same workplace, to take turns driving each other to and from a common destination. [3 definitions]
carwash a commercial establishment equipped to wash car exteriors and often to perform related services such as waxing and interior cleaning. [2 definitions]
club car a railroad passenger car equipped with lounge chairs, tables, and a buffet or bar.
dining car a railroad car in which meals are served to passengers.
freight car a railroad car that carries cargo.
hybrid car a car with an engine that can run on two different fuels, usually gasoline and electricity, and can alternate between them.
lounge car a railroad car in which passengers may lounge in comfortable chairs and have refreshments; club car.
observation car a railway car with large windows from which passengers may observe the scenery.
patrol car a police car.
police car a car used by police officers and equipped with a radiotelephone; patrol car; squad car.
sleeping car a railroad car that is equipped with sleeping accommodations.
sports car a small, low automobile suitable for racing, with a high-powered engine and usu. with seats for two.
squad car a police car.
stock car a standard model of automobile modified for racing. [2 definitions]
tank car a tanklike train car used to transport gases or liquids.
touring car an early, open automobile, usu. with a folding top, that seated five or more passengers.
trolley car a streetcar that is propelled along rails by an electric current transmitted through a trolley from a wire suspended overhead or laid in the tracks.