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attaché case a flat rectangular briefcase, hinged like a suitcase, and usu. used for carrying business papers or documents.
best-case scenario the best possible way that things could proceed from a particular point on.
case history a record of pertinent facts and changes, usu. in a client or research subject undergoing medical, psychiatric, or similar treatment or study.
case knife a knife carried in a sheath or case. [2 definitions]
case law law based on precedents set in particular cases rather than on statute.
caseload the number of cases assigned, as to a social worker or parole officer, or handled, as by a court or welfare agency, at one time or during a specified period.
hard case one who is stubbornly unchanging or obstinate, as in clinging to destructive behavior patterns.
in case if it happens that; if.
lower case in printing, the tray containing the type for the smaller, noncapital letters. (Cf. upper case.)
lower-case of a letter of the alphabet, having a form smaller than and often different from the upper-case or capitalized form. [3 definitions]
nut case (slang) one who is unbalanced or crazy.
spore case a sporangium.
test case a legal action that tries the constitutionality of a statute or that is likely to set a precedent.
upper case in printing, the tray containing the type for capital letters and special characters.
upper-case of printed letters, capital. [2 definitions]
vanity case a small traveling case, used by women, that is designed to carry cosmetics and toiletries.
worst-case of or describing the worst possible case, situation, result, or the like.
worst-case scenario the worst possible set of events that could follow.