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alarm clock a clock with a bell or buzzer that can be set to sound at a chosen time.
analog clock a clock that displays the time using a long hand to show the hour and a short hand to show the minutes.
around the clock through all twenty-four hours; without stopping; tirelessly.
atomic clock an extremely accurate timekeeping device regulated by the reliably constant frequency at which atoms of certain highly reactive substances absorb or emit electromagnetic radiation.
body clock (non-technical) the internal mechanisms that regulate bodily functions; Circadian rhythm. [2 definitions]
clock radio a radio with a built-in clock that can be set to turn the radio on at a given time.
cuckoo clock a clock that conceals a mechanical bird that pops out of a little door to announce the hour with sounds resembling the cry of a cuckoo.
digital clock a clock that displays the time as digits rather than by hands on a dial.
grandfather clock a pendulum clock in a tall, narrow cabinet.
punch a time clock to work at a job that requires strict adherence to a certain number of hours to be worked.
round-the-clock continuous throughout the day and night.
shot clock in basketball, a clock that indicates the amount of time within which a team must attempt to score a basket.
time clock a clock that records the exact time on a card, used by employees to record the time of their arrival at and departure from work.
water clock any of various devices that measure time by the flow of water, esp. a clepsydra.