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book club a commercial enterprise that sells or lends books to subscribers, usu. at a discount in exchange for a specified minimum purchase.
club car a railroad passenger car equipped with lounge chairs, tables, and a buffet or bar.
club sandwich a sandwich of three or more layers of bread, often toasted, that is filled with layers of meat, cheese, tomato, mayonnaise, and the like.
club soda a carbonated, unflavored water; soda water.
club steak a beefsteak cut from the upper end of the short loin.
country club a suburban social club with a clubhouse and facilities for sports such as swimming, golf, and tennis.
fan club an organization of fans of a particular entertainer, sports team, or other famous entity. Members of a fan club are primarily linked by mail or e-mail.
Four-H club an organization in the U.S. that teaches young people about farming and how to take care of a home. Four-H clubs are so named because they are meant to improve the heads, hearts, hands, and health of their members.
glee club a choral group that sings glees and other short choral pieces.
golf club in golf, any of a set of long slender clubs with wooden or metal heads for hitting the ball. [2 definitions]
health club a private club offering a variety of facilities, equipment, and instruction for physical exercise and fitness to a paid membership.
Indian club a wood or metal club with a long neck, like a bottle, used for hand and arm exercises.
key club a private nightclub to which each member has a key.
Rotary Club a local unit of an international men's service organization.
supper club a nightclub, esp. a luxurious one serving fine foods and liquors.