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co-occur combined form of occur.
co-occurrence combined form of occurrence.
co-official combined form of official.
co-op a cooperative store, dormitory, association, or the like.
co-organizer combined form of organizer.
co-own combined form of own.
co-owner combined form of owner.
co-ownership combined form of ownership.
coed (informal) a woman attending a school, esp. a college, that admits both sexes. [2 definitions]
coopt to take over; preempt; assimilate. [2 definitions]
coordinate to order or organize according to a common goal. [11 definitions]
coordination the act of coordinating or the state of being coordinated. [2 definitions]
costar one of two or more lead performers in the same presentation. [3 definitions]
coworker one of two or more persons who work together; fellow worker.