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blue-collar of or pertaining to industrial workers or the class of workers who earn wages rather than salaries. (Cf. white-collar.)
clerical collar a stiff narrow white collar, fastened at the back of the neck, worn by certain members of the clergy.
Eton collar a broad white collar worn over the lapels of an Eton jacket, or a collar like this.
hot under the collar (informal) very angry or upset.
Vandyke collar a broad lace or linen collar with a scalloped or deeply indented edge.
white-collar of, pertaining to, belonging to, or done by workers whose work does not involve manual labor.
white-collar crime a crime such as embezzlement or fraud that is committed by a business executive, government official, or other white-collar worker.
wing collar a stiff, stand-up collar, the front corners of which are folded down, that sometimes accompanies the formal or evening dress worn by men.