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boil down to lessen something by boiling. [2 definitions]
break down to become ineffective or unable to function. [2 definitions]
bring down to overthrow or cause to fall. [2 definitions]
broken-down weak or shattered from disease or age.
burn down to destroy or disintegrate by burning.
button-down with the collar tips held down with buttons.
calm down to become calm or calmer.
clamp down (informal) to institute or increase controls or penalties.
crack down on to treat more harshly.
cut down to lessen (often fol. by "on").
down and out without money, friends, or hope.
down at the heels in a state of shabbiness.
Down East (sometimes l.c.) New England, esp. the state of Maine.
down in the mouth depressed; sad.
down payment money to pay for part of the price of something that is very expensive.
down the drain to no good purpose; wasted.
down under (informal) Australia or New Zealand.
down-and-out without money, friends, or hope.
down-home of, resembling, or characteristic of the qualities associated with rural folk or family, such as hospitality, simplicity, and warmth.
down-to-earth practical, straightforward, sensible, and realistic.