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draw a blank1 to be unable to recall or recognize. [2 definitions]
draw a blank2 to not be able to remember something.
draw out to prolong. [2 definitions]
draw poker a version of poker in which players may discard and draw replacements for a specified maximum number of cards in their original hands after initial bets are made.
draw straws to choose one person from several by having each choose a partly concealed straw, with the shortest straw indicating the chosen person.
draw the line to set a limit on what is allowed.
draw up to draft; formulate. [2 definitions]
drawing board a large, smooth, rectangular board on which paper or canvas is mounted before being drawn upon.
drawing card something or someone, such as a well-known entertainer, that attracts a large audience, patronage, or the like.
drawing room a formal reception room; parlor. [2 definitions]
go back to the drawing board to start at the very beginning again; begin anew.
line drawing a drawing done completely in lines.
mechanical drawing descriptive precision drawing, often to scale, that is done with the aid of such implements as T squares, compasses, and French curves; drafting. [2 definitions]
wash drawing a monochrome drawing done in washes of transparent watercolor or India ink.