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disk drive a device inside or connected to a computer that copies data to and from a hard disc or floppy disc.
drive shaft a rotating shaft that transmits torque, as in some automobiles from the transmission to the rear axle.
drive-in an outdoor theater at which patrons watch movies from their automobiles. [3 definitions]
four-wheel drive a car that drives by means of all four wheels rather than the rear wheels only, or the drive system of such, in which both front and rear wheel axles are turned by the drive shaft.
front-wheel drive a car design in which only the front wheels get driving power from the engine.
hard drive a device usu. inside a computer that copies data to and from a computer's hard disk; hard disk drive.
line drive in baseball, a hard-hit ball that travels low, fast, and in a nearly straight line.
zip drive (trademark) a computer part that saves information on a special disk, called a "zip disk."