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bass drum a large double-headed cylindrical drum that produces a low, reverberating sound.
drum kit a set of percussion instruments arranged for convenient playing by a drummer in a band, the basic set of which usu. includes a bass drum, a tom-tom, a snare drum, a high-hat, and a crash cymbal, also called a drum set.
drum major the leader of a marching band or drum corps, who beats time and often performs twirling tricks with a baton.
drum majorette a female drum major.
drum out to discharge or drive out for reprehensible behavior.
drum set a collection of percussion instruments arranged for convenient playing by a drummer; drum kit.
drum up to make a concerted effort to get or stimulate (support, customers, an emotion, or the like).
snare drum a small double-headed drum fitted with snares, or wires, stretched across the lower head that make a rattling or reverberating sound.
steel drum a West Indian percussion instrument traditionally made from a metal oil barrel. A steel drum has a bowl-like shape, and different notes are produced by striking distinct indented areas within the bowl.