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at the end of one's rope at the limits of one's endurance or patience.
at the end of one's tether at the utmost limit of one's strength, resources, or abilities.
at wits' end having exhausted every conceivable method or approach.
be-all and end-all a thing or person of utmost importance or significance.
bitter end the end or conclusion of an unpleasant process, situation, or activity (usu. prec. by "the"). [2 definitions]
bookend a support, often ornamental and in a pair, used to prop up the end of a row of books.
closed-end investment company an investment company that issues a fixed number of shares in large blocks, at infrequent intervals, which are traded on an exchange.
dead end a street, alley, or conduit that is closed at one end, offering no through passage. [2 definitions]
dead-end having one end or outlet closed. [2 definitions]
end line either of two lines, one at each end of a basketball court, football field, or the like, that marks the limit of the playing area.
end organ any specialized receptor at the end of a sensory or motor nerve fiber.
end product the final or finished product, as of an industry, chemical reaction, or growth process.
end table a small table, usu. rectangular, placed at either end of a sofa or beside a chair.
end up to reach or enter into a situation, place, or course of action as the final choice or outcome.
end user the user for whom a personal computing device or application is ultimately designed, particularly as distinct from one who designs, programs, manufactures, or sells the end product.
end zone an area ten yards deep at either end of a football field, into which players attempt to carry the ball to score points.
fag end the last or worst part of something, esp. the worn-out or frayed end of a piece of cloth or rope.
high-end of the high-priced sort and, at least ostensibly, of high quality.
loose end a detail not yet settled or resolved. [2 definitions]
make one's hair stand on end to strike with terror or fear.