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alternative energy any form of energy other than that which comes from fossil fuel.
alternative energy source any source of energy other than fossil fuel.
atomic energy the energy that is released by an atom in nuclear reactions such as fission or fusion. [2 definitions]
conservation of energy a principle of physics that asserts that the total energy in a closed system remains constant regardless of changes in the system.
energy-saving of or pertaining to a device or process that uses energy efficiently.
geothermal energy heat energy produced in the interior of the earth, or energy derived from earth's heat.
high-energy providing food energy to the body quickly and easily. [3 definitions]
high-energy particle an atom or part of an atom having energy greater than one hundred thousand electron volts.
kinetic energy energy resulting from motion.
nuclear energy energy released from atomic nuclei, as in nuclear fission or fusion.
potential energy in physics, the energy of a particle, body, or system that is determined by its position or structure. (Cf. kinetic energy.)
radiant energy energy transmitted by waves, such as electromagnetic radiation or heat.
renewable energy any form of energy that is naturally replenished within a human lifetime, such as solar energy or wind power.
renewable energy source any source of energy that is naturally replenished within a human lifetime.
solar energy radiant energy from the sun or any form of energy that is produced using radiant energy from the sun.
waste-to-energy the process of producing heat or electricity from waste. [2 definitions]