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pinkeye a contagious inflammation of the inner part of the eyelids, characterized by reddened eyes; conjunctivitis.
private eye (informal) a private detective.
rapid eye movement the rapid back-and-forth and up-and-down movements of the eyes during the phases of sleep when dreaming occurs. (abbrev.:REM)
red-eye bloodshot or irritated eyes, caused by strain, lack of sleep, illness, or the like. [2 definitions]
red-eye gravy gravy made from the juices of fried ham, usu. by adding coffee and water to the pan.
screw eye a screw with a loop or eyelet for a head.
see eye to eye to exactly agree.
Seeing Eye dog trademark for a dog trained by Seeing Eye, Inc., to guide blind people in walking about.
tiger's-eye a semiprecious, golden brown gemstone of changeable luster, composed of quartz tinted by iron oxide, used for jewelry.
weather eye alertness to signs of change in the weather. [2 definitions]
worm's-eye view a view from very close range. [2 definitions]