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apple of one's eye a person or thing that one holds dear or cherishes.
beady-eyed having or characterized by eyes that are small and round and seeming to gleam in a way that suggests malevolence, greed, or lust. [2 definitions]
bird's-eye as seen from high above; covering a wide span but not detailed or thorough. [4 definitions]
black eye darkening and discoloration of the flesh around the eye, as from a bruise or blow. [2 definitions]
black-eyed pea the seed of the cowpea plant, used as food; cowpea.
black-eyed Susan any of numerous related North American wildflowers with yellow or orange-yellow petals surrounding a dark center.
bleary-eyed having blurred vision, as from fatigue or tears. [2 definitions]
bull's-eye the center of a target, usu. marked with a circle. [3 definitions]
cat's-eye any of various gemstones or pieces of glass that reflect light so as to suggest a cat's eye.
catch someone's eye to get the attention of someone.
clear-eyed having bright eyes or sharp sight. [2 definitions]
compound eye an eye made up of several simple eyes, as is found in most insects.
cross-eye a condition in which one or both eyes turn toward each other. (See strabismus.)
dry-eyed not crying; emotionally unmoved.
eagle-eyed having extremely good vision; keen-sighted.
electric eye see photoelectric cell.
evil eye a look or gaze supposedly able to harm the one at whom it is cast. [2 definitions]
eye contact the act of two people looking at each other's eyes.
eye exam an examination and testing of the eyes' health and vision by an eye doctor or an optometrist, esp. one determining the type and strength of corrective lenses that are needed.
eye shadow colored or tinted makeup applied to the upper eyelids.