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flight attendant an airline employee who tends to the needs of passengers during a flight; steward or stewardess.
flight bag a small, lightweight, flexible piece of luggage with a zipper in the top.
flight control the guidance and direction given to an aircraft by radio from a ground facility.
flight crew the crew of an aircraft.
flight deck the top surface of an aircraft carrier, used as a runway. [2 definitions]
flight engineer the member of a flight crew who handles the mechanical aspects of a flight.
flight feather any of the larger, stronger feathers in the wing or tail of a bird that are crucial for its flight.
flight strip an emergency or makeshift runway; airstrip.
flight surgeon a military doctor trained in aviation medicine.
flight-test to fly (an aircraft or rocket) or launch (a missile) for testing purposes.
free flight the flight or any part a flight, as of an airplane or rocket, that occurs without a means of propulsion.
in-flight occurring or available during a flight.