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bee fly any of several two-winged flies that resemble bees and that feed on pollen and nectar.
botfly any of several flies whose larvae are parasitic in animals and humans.
caddis fly a small mothlike insect found near lakes and streams that has two pairs of membranous wings.
crane fly any of various long-legged, slender flies that resemble a large mosquito.
flesh fly any of various flies that deposit their eggs or larvae in dead or living animal flesh.
fly agaric a poisonous mushroom with an orange or reddish cap and white gills.
fly ash fine, often airborne particles of ash derived from the burning of solid fuel and recognized as a factor in air pollution. [2 definitions]
fly ball in baseball, a batted ball that rises high in the air; fly. (Cf. ground ball.)
fly casting the act, technique, or sport of fishing by casting a heavy line, from a lightweight flexible rod, to which an artificial fly has been attached by means of a light leader.
fly in the face of to defy (authority, convention, or the like).
fly off the handle to become suddenly enraged.
fly swatter a device for killing insects, particularly flies, consisting of a flat rectangular mesh attached to a long handle.
fly the coop (informal) to escape from or as if from confinement.
fly-by-night irresponsible or unreliable, esp. in business dealings. [4 definitions]
fly-cast to fish by casting an artificial fly, attached to a light leader, which is in turn attached to a heavy line, with a lightweight, flexible rod.
fly-fishing a method of fishing that involves casting with a rod and and using an artifical fly as bait.
frit fly any of several small flies whose larvae are destructive to grain.
fruit fly any of numerous small flies whose larvae feed on ripe fruits and vegetables.
harvest fly any of several cicadas whose shrill noise is heard in late summer.
Hessian fly a small fly, the larvae of which infest and consume the stems of grasses, wheat, and other grain plants.