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ichneumon fly any of various winged, wasplike insects whose larvae live as parasites in other insect larvae; ichneumon wasp.
Mediterranean fruit fly a small two-winged fruit fly, the larvae of which infest and feed on many types of fruit.
pop fly in baseball, a high fly ball in or near the infield area, usu. one that can be caught easily; pop-up; pop.
robber fly any of numerous related, swift, often large flies that prey on other insects.
sacrifice fly in baseball, a fly ball that puts the batter out but enables a runner to score from third base.
sand fly any of various small, tropical, bloodsucking flies, some of which transmit diseases to humans.
Spanish fly a potentially dangerous powder made by grinding a species of European blister beetle and formerly used as a diuretic or aphrodisiac. [2 definitions]
tachina fly any of numerous gray and black dipterous flies whose larvae are parasitic on other insects such as caterpillars and beetles.
tsetse fly a bloodsucking African fly, some species of which transmit sleeping sickness and other infections to humans and domestic animals.
tzetze fly variant of tsetse fly.
wet fly an artificial fishing fly designed to drift below the surface of the water.