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air force the aviation branch of a nation's military forces, or one of the units under an air command.
centrifugal force a force that tends to pull a particle or body outward, away from the axis around which it rotates. (Cf. centripetal force.)
centripetal force a force that tends to pull a particle or body toward the axis around which it rotates. (Cf. centrifugal force.)
Coriolis force a force held to be responsible for the straying off course of a falling object toward a rotating body such as the earth.
electromotive force the force that causes electrical current to flow, usu. measured in volts.
force of attraction a force between two bodies, molecules, particles, or the like, that attracts each to the other.
force of nature in physics, any one of the fundamental forces that occur in nature, including electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, and gravitational force. [3 definitions]
force pump a pump with a valveless plunger, used to raise the level of a liquid or convey it through a pipe by the application of pressure.
force-feed to force (one) to eat, learn, or accept something either against the will or at an uncomfortably fast pace.
force-out a baseball play in which a runner in forced out at the next base following the hitting of a fair ball by a teammate.
G-force (often l.c.) a unit of inertial stress on a body that is subjected to rapid acceleration, equal to about thirty-two feet per second per second.
life force see Úlan vital.
line of force the imaginary line in a field of electrical or magnetic force that indicates the direction taken by that force.
task force a temporary group of military personnel formed to accomplish a specific mission. [2 definitions]
tour de force an exceptionally skillful or ingenious creation, performance, or production; outstanding display of skill.
work force the total number of workers who are actively employed in a business, industry, or nation, or who are available for employment; labor force.