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big game large wild animals hunted for sport, such as deer, boar, or tigers. [2 definitions]
board game any game, such as chess or backgammon, in which pieces are moved on a specially marked board.
con game shortened form of "confidence game," a swindle made possible by first gaining the confidence of the victim.
confidence game any swindle made possible by first gaining the confidence of the victim; con game; con.
fair game animals that can legally be hunted. [2 definitions]
Game Boy a brand name for any of several handheld game consoles manufactured by Nintendo beginning in 1989.
game law a law regulating hunting and fishing, enacted to preserve game.
game plan a strategy or course of action planned before a game of sport, esp. football. [2 definitions]
game point the stage in a game, esp. in a racket sport, when the next point scored will be the last and deciding one. [2 definitions]
game show a television show in which participants play various games of chance, skill, or memory in order to win prizes.
game theory mathematical analysis of strategies for maximizing gains and minimizing losses, applied to games of strategic competition and to corporate, military, and other decision-making problems.
love game a game in which the losing team or player does not score any points.
name of the game (informal) a central or crucial purpose, goal, method, or situation.
pin game see ring and pin game.
ring and pin game a game, traditionally played by many American Indian tribes, in which a ring is attached by a string to a stick, or pin, and players attempt to swing the ring up and over the stick.
shell game a game like thimblerig in which inverted shells, inside of one of which a small object is apparently hidden, are moved around quickly and onlookers bet on which shell contains the object. [2 definitions]
skin game any dishonest or fraudulent scheme or trick; swindle.
video game any of various electronic or computerized games in which players manipulate images on a television or other electronic screen.
waiting game a strategy in which one waits for a favorable time or situation before taking action.
war game a simulated military engagement or action, involving either actual troops or computerized projections.