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as good as equal to; the same as.
bill of goods a shipment of merchandise for sale.
do good to do things that help or positively affect others.
do somebody good to have a beneficial effect on someone.
dry goods (sometimes used with a sing. verb) textiles, textile products, and related goods for sale.
durable goods goods that can be used for many years without wearing out, such as household appliances or automobiles.
for good forever; permanently.
for good measure as an additional thing; as an extra.
good afternoon used to say hello or good-bye in the afternoon.
good cheer cheerful, optimistic, or courageous spirits. [3 definitions]
good day used as expression of greeting or farewell in the daytime.
good evening used to say hello or good-bye during the evening.
good faith a state of honesty, sincerity, and good intentions (usu. prec. by in).
good humor a pleasant, cheerful, amiable mood.
good looks attractive personal appearance; handsomeness; beauty.
good morning used as an expression of greeting or farewell in the morning.
good nature a pleasant, cheerful, amiable disposition; geniality.
good night used as an expression of farewell at night.
good riddance used to express relief that someone or something is gone or done with.
good Samaritan a person who compassionately and unselfishly helps others in distress.