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burial ground a place where ancient or primitive civilizations buried their dead, or a place where many soldiers were buried after a battle.
cover ground to pass over an area. [2 definitions]
get off the ground to launch or begin something successfully.
ground ball in baseball, a batted ball that quickly strikes the ground and bounces or rolls; grounder. (Cf. fly ball.)
ground bass a repeated bass passage that provides a background for changing music in the upper registers.
ground beef beef that has been put through a grinder for use in such things as hamburgers, meatloaf, and meat sauces.
ground beetle any of numerous, usu. dark beetles that are often found under rocks, fallen logs, or debris and that feed on other insects.
ground control the system, or its technology or operators, that guides the flights of aircraft or spacecraft from stations on the ground.
ground cover any of numerous low-growing plants that grow thickly and cover the ground, and often prevent soil erosion where there is little grass. [2 definitions]
ground crew the persons that maintain and service aircraft on the ground.
ground floor the floor of a building closest to ground level; first floor. [2 definitions]
ground glass glass that diffuses light because its surface has been ground or etched. [2 definitions]
ground loop a sharp, unexpected, and often uncontrolled turn of an aircraft moving on the ground, as during landing.
ground plan a floor plan of a building. [2 definitions]
ground rule (usu. pl.) basic rules governing the behavior in a given situation, esp. as concerns the playing of a game on a particular field, course, or court.
ground squirrel any of various burrowing rodents, such as chipmunks, that differ from true squirrels in having cheek pouches and shorter fur.
ground troops soldiers sent to carry out combat or security duties on land, carrying personal weapons.
ground water the water beneath the earth's surface that supplies springs and wells.
ground wave a radio wave traveling on or near the earth's surface and affected by its curvature, atmosphere, and the like.
ground wire a wire acting as a conductor of an electric current to the ground.