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after one's own heart according to or sharing one's tastes and preferences.
bleeding heart any of several flowering plants, esp. a common garden variety with drooping red or deep pink, heart-shaped flowers. [2 definitions]
by heart by memory; without the aid of writing or other reminders.
cockles of one's heart one's most sincere and deeply held feelings.
heart attack a sudden stoppage of the blood supply to the heart that causes damage to the heart muscle, as in coronary thrombosis; heart failure.
heart block a disorder in the coordination of the heartbeat, resulting in the atria and ventricles contracting independently of each other.
heart failure the inability of the heart to pump enough blood to and from the body tissue, often resulting in death.
heart rate the number of times the heart beats in one minute, esp. as a measure of how hard the heart is working during physical exercise or emotional stress; pulse.
heart-stricken deeply afflicted with grief, dismay, or remorse.
heart-to-heart freely expressing feelings; open; frank.
lonely heart a single person who is looking for companionship or a marriage partner.
open-heart surgery surgery involving diversion of the blood so that the heart can be exposed and repaired.
Purple Heart a medal awarded by the U.S. armed services for injuries or death sustained in combat against an enemy.
take to heart to regard seriously or with concern.