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debt of honor a debt incurred in gambling.
guest of honor a person attending an event, such as a dinner, put on in his or her honor. [2 definitions]
honor guard a guard assigned to attend honorable persons or guests or to walk alongside the casket at a military funeral.
honor society a high-school or college organization for which students outstanding in academics are selected.
honor system an arrangement wherein participants in a particular program, such as students in a school, are trusted to perform various tasks or duties without direct supervision.
maid of honor the principal unmarried female attendant of a bride at her wedding. [2 definitions]
matron of honor a married woman serving as the bride's chief attendant at a wedding.
point of honor a matter that affects one's reputation or honor.
word of honor a statement, pledge, verbal commitment, or the like that is backed by one's honor; sworn oath; solemn promise.