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by hook in any possible way, using any possible means.
cant hook a blunt-tipped wooden lever with a movable metal hook near the lower end, used in handling logs; peavey.
gang hook a fishhook consisting of several hooks that are joined at their shanks.
grappling hook see grapnel.
hook and eye a clothes-fastening device having a small metal hook, on one side of the opening, that attaches to a loop or small bar on the other side.
hook and ladder a fire engine carrying extension ladders, hooked tools, and other equipment; hook-and-ladder truck.
hook shot in basketball, a shot made, with the body sideways to the basket, by the far hand arcing the ball over the head.
hook up to connect to a system or power source. [3 definitions]
hook, line, and sinker (informal) without any question or hesitation; completely.
pruning hook a tool with a hooked blade that is used to prune plants.
screw hook a screw with an elongated head in the shape of a hook.