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hot air (informal) empty or exaggerated speech or writing.
hot cake a pancake.
hot cell an enclosure designed to house radioactive materials in a safe manner so they can be worked on or tested by remote control.
hot chocolate a beverage made of hot milk, sugar, and cocoa powder; cocoa.
hot cross bun a bunlike pastry marked with a cross of frosting, often associated with Lent.
hot dog a hot, cooked frankfurter or wiener usu. eaten in a soft bun. [3 definitions]
hot flash a feeling of heat flooding over the body, esp. experienced by women during menopause.
hot line a direct communication system set up for use in times of emergency or crisis, esp. between heads of government. [2 definitions]
hot pepper any of numerous peppers having sharp, pungent flesh ranging from mild to very hot. [2 definitions]
hot plate a small, usu. electric, portable appliance for cooking or heating food.
hot potato (informal) a problem or issue that is troublesome or esp. difficult to handle.
hot rod (informal) an automobile, often old, that has been radically modified, usu. for greater speed.
hot seat (informal) a trying circumstance or situation that causes one extreme discomfort, embarrassment, criticism, or the like.
hot spot (informal) a region of social or political unrest, potential violence, or the like. [4 definitions]
hot spring a natural, usu. mineral spring having water warmer than body temperature.
hot tub a large round tub, usu. of wood and often outdoors, used recreationally, as by several persons soaking together in hot water.
hot under the collar (informal) very angry or upset.
hot war actual military combat; open warfare. (Cf. cold war.)
hot water (informal) a troublesome situation; dangerous circumstance; difficulty; predicament (usu. prec. by in, into or the like).
hot water bottle a soft container made of rubber that you fill with hot water. It is used to put heat on a sore or cold part of your body.