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at last after a long time or wait; finally.
last hurrah a final effort or appearance, as in politics or the arts.
last name a surname.
last quarter the time of month between the second half-moon and the new moon. [2 definitions]
last rites final ceremonies for a recently dead person. [2 definitions]
last straw the most recent in a series of irritations or disappointments, which causes a loss of endurance, patience, temper, or the like.
last word the final sentence or phrase with which one person ends an argument. [3 definitions]
last-ditch done as a final and desperate measure, effort, stand, or the like.
last-minute suddenly occurring or seeming to need doing at a point where there is little remaining time to consider or take action.
long-lasting continuing for a long time.
on (one's) last legs having very little remaining energy, strength, hope, or ability to function; liable to collapse or die.
the last straw the final, decisive defeat, failure, indignity, burden, or the like that causes collapse, exhaustion, the losing of one's temper, or the like.