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against the law not allowed by the law.
attorney-at-law an attorney; lawyer.
blue law any law prohibiting drinking, dancing, working, or doing business on Sunday.
break the law to do something that is not allowed by the law.
brother-in-law the brother of one's spouse. [3 definitions]
canon law the body of rules governing the faith and practice of certain Christian churches.
case law law based on precedents set in particular cases rather than on statute.
civil law the section of law that deals with the rights of the citizens, as distinct from laws that regulate criminal acts, military personnel, or international trade. [3 definitions]
common law law based on custom or usage and on court decisions and opinions, rather than on statute. (Cf. statute law.)
common-law marriage a marriage not contracted through a religious or civil ceremony but recognized as legal after the partners have lived together for a legally specified period of time.
criminal law that area of law having to do with crime and its punishment.
daughter-in-law the wife of one's son.
due process of law the course of legal proceedings established by a government to protect an individual's rights.
environmental law the body of laws concerned with protecting the environment from damage caused by human activity, as well as with preserving natural resources and enabling sustainable development.
father-in-law the father of a person's wife or husband.
game law a law regulating hunting and fishing, enacted to preserve game.
homestead law any law prohibiting forced sale or seizure of a homestead to settle debt. [2 definitions]
in-law a relative by marriage.
law court a court of law.
law-abiding obeying or observing the law.