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lead a dog's life to have a life of misery and trouble.
lead glass a brilliant optical glass containing lead oxide, characterized by high refraction and low dispersion; flint glass; crystal.
lead line a line with a lead weight attached to it that is lowered into water to measure its depth.
lead on to cause (someone) to have a false assumption or follow an inappropriate course of action.
lead pencil a writing or drawing implement consisting of a thin rod of graphite encased in wood.
lead poisoning chronic or acute poisoning caused by the ingestion, inhalation, or absorption through the skin of lead or lead salts, characterized by anemia, constipation, abdominal pain, or convulsions, and sometimes resulting in paralysis or coma.
lead tetraethyl see tetraethyl lead.
lead time the period of time between the decision to begin a project and its completion, as between the planning and completed manufacture of a product.
lead-in an introductory statement or segment, esp. in a television performance or program. [3 definitions]
lead-off leading; beginning.
red lead a poisonous red powder of lead oxide, used in paints, pottery, and glassmaking.
tetraethyl lead a poisonous, colorless liquid compound of lead used chiefly in gasoline to improve combustion and reduce engine knock.
to lead to the altar to marry.
white lead a white poisonous compound of basic lead carbonate, lead silicate, or lead sulfate, used as an exterior paint pigment.