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absent without leave absent without permission from assigned military duty, but not necessarily with the intention of deserting; AWOL.
French leave an unannounced or unauthorized departure, often abrupt or unceremonious.
leave alone to allow to be apart from or undisturbed by others. [2 definitions]
leave in the lurch to abandon (someone) in an embarrassing or difficult position.
leave no stone unturned to use every means possible; consider every possibility.
leave off to cease; stop. [2 definitions]
leave out to not put in or not include; omit.
leave-taking a parting or farewell; departure.
sabbatical leave for teachers and some others, a year or half year of freedom from ordinary duties, granted periodically with full or partial salary.
shore leave permission granted to a ship's crew for onshore recreation, or the actual time spent ashore; liberty.
sick leave time off from work that is granted for illness, usu. with pay and for a limited number of days.