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feel like to have a desire for or interest in.
feel like oneself to be in a healthy frame of mind or physical condition; feel good.
grin like a Cheshire cat to smile in a mysterious or inscrutable manner.
like a book thoroughly; completely.
like clockwork easily and accurately; automatically; precisely.
like crazy (informal) exceedingly or with extreme enthusiasm.
like mad (informal) with great speed or enthusiasm.
like wildfire over a large area or among a great many people in a short time; swiftly.
like-minded having the same or similar opinions and attitudes.
look like (informal) used to make a statement that may or may not be true based on what you can see or what you know at the present time; look as if.
sell like hot cakes (informal) to be sold very quickly and in large quantity; be in great demand.
would like used as a tentative form of "want" in order to express a greater degree of politeness than "want" expresses or when the possibility of doing what one wants is not considered likely or certain.