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as a matter of fact actually; in fact (often used when the information that follows will be surprising to the listener or a rejection of what was said previously.)
Black Lives Matter an early twenty-first century social and political movement that seeks to raise awareness of and put an end to unjust treatment of Black people, esp. that which occurs in the form of police brutality.
conservation of matter a principle of physics that asserts that the total matter in a closed system remains constant, regardless of changes in the system.
gray matter the grayish nerve tissue of the brain and spinal cord, consisting largely of nerve cells and fibers. (Cf. white matter.) [2 definitions]
matter of course an event that is logically or naturally expected to occur.
matter-of-course occurring in the normal or logical course of events; inevitable; routine. [2 definitions]
matter-of-fact concerned with facts; unimaginative or literal. [2 definitions]
no matter regardless of; irrespective of (used in combination with "how," "what," "where," and other question words). [2 definitions]
no matter what regardless of the cost or of what might happen.
nothing the matter nothing wrong; no problem or cause for concern.
something the matter a problem or malfunction; something that needs to be fixed or is a cause for concern.
subject matter the core or substance of that which is being examined or discussed.
white matter the nerve tissue, esp. of the brain and spinal cord, which is fibrous and nearly white. (Cf. gray matter.)