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apothecaries' measure a system of fluid measure used to dispense liquid drugs.
cubic measure a system of measurement of volume in which 1,728 cubic inches equal one cubic foot and 1,000 cubic millimeters equal one cubic centimeter.
dry measure a system of units for measuring the volume of dry things such as grains or fruits.
for good measure as an additional thing; as an extra.
linear measure any measurement of length, or measurement of length generally. [2 definitions]
liquid measure a system or unit for measuring liquid capacity.
measure out to mark off and separate from the whole.
square measure any system of units for measuring areas in squares, such as square inches or square meters.
surveyor's measure a system of measurement of length based on the surveyor's chain, equal to sixty-six feet or 20.1 meters, as a unit.
tape measure a long strip of cloth or flexible metal having units such as inches, feet, centimeters, or meters marked on it, used for measuring; measuring tape.