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Brownian motion the random movement of microscopic particles in a fluid medium, resulting from collision with molecules of the surrounding medium; Brownian movement.
motion picture a series of photographic images projected in rapid succession on a screen, creating the illusion of natural and continuous motion. [2 definitions]
motion sickness nausea and dizziness induced by the motion of an airplane, car, ship, or the like.
motion-sensing able to detect motion electronically.
perpetual motion the movement of a hypothetical device which, once put in motion, would operate indefinitely by creating its own energy in excess of that expended.
slow motion movement that is slower than normal. [2 definitions]
slow-motion of or pertaining to a method of making or playing films or video tapes in which the projected action is or appears to be slower than the original action. [2 definitions]
time and motion study an analysis of the motions required to perform a task or carry out an operation, done to reduce the number of movements and conserve time, esp. in industrial production.