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brand name the name by which a particular brand of a product is popularly known or advertised; trade name.
Christian name one's given or baptismal name, as distinguished from one's family name.
domain name a communications identifier and address made up of a series of numbers or letters, shared by all devices in a domain.
family name a person's last name, as opposed to his or her given name; surname.
given name a person's first name, given at birth or baptism, as distinguished from one's family name. (Cf. surname.)
in the name of by the authority of. [2 definitions]
last name a surname.
maiden name a woman's surname before she is married.
name brand a product bearing a well-known trademark. [2 definitions]
name day the feast day of a saint for whom one is named. [2 definitions]
name of the game (informal) a central or crucial purpose, goal, method, or situation.
name-calling the use of disparaging or abusive names to attack a person or group.
name-dropper a person who tries to impress others by mentioning the names of important or famous people in a familiar way.
nametag a label or badge bearing a person's name, worn in a visible place on the person's clothing for identification.
number name a name assigned to a quantity, such as one.
pen name a name used by an author in place of his or her real name; pseudonym; nom de plume.
proper name see proper noun.
to one's name belonging to one.
trade name the name by which a product or service is known in a trade or to the general public; brand name; trademark. [2 definitions]